Aerial advertising means that your company’s message is towed behind a small airplane. The location could be a crowded highway at rush hour or a crowded beach at spring break. The idea is that your aerial message is seen and remembered by thousands of potential customers.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as checks, debit cards and money orders.

Here are a few of the products that have successfully used Aerial Advertising campaigns:

Websites, military recruiters, soft drink companies, non-profit organizations, book and magazine publishers, beer companies, fast food companies, candy manufacturers, software manufacturers, liquor companies, suntan lotions, beachwear, clothing lines, record labels, Broadway shows, real estate offices, radio stations, newspapers, movie studios, television networks, airlines and on and on using aerial advertising . Just about any product you can think of can be advertised via aerial billboards.

Yes. Since 9/11 there are three restricted locations:

Within 15 miles of downtown Washington, D.C.
Over New York City
Any sporting events with over 30,000 in attendance (During game time).

We can fly aerial messages over concerts and festivals with large crowds as well as minor league sporting events and all NASCAR events except the Nextel Cup Series.
crowds at football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and golf events. Most crowds will head inside about that time any way so these are still excellent opportunities for aerial messages. If there’s a crowd gathered, we can usually

You do not need to get any special permits or insurance for aerial advertising.

There is an airport within 15 to 20 minutes of most locations. Please be aware that the flight time to and from the airport is considered part of the overall flight hour charges.

Yes – we have a frequent flyer discount!

We need only 3 days advance notice to produce a aerial letter banner.

An aerial letter banner is a banner that holds letters and/or characters. These aerial banners are generally used to spell out a personal message. You can personalize your aerial letter banners any way you wish. A few examples that we fly aerial messages are marriage proposals, happy birthday messages, I’m pregnant announcements, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, graduations. The imagination is the only limit to how these can be used.

We require at least 3-5 days to produce your custom aerial billboard. The more lead time we have, the better your opportunity to secure the exact hours and locations you wish to fly aerial message. Aerial Advertising is in high demand so don’t wait until the last second.

Just get us your artwork on a CD or via email at at least 150 dpi. The scale for the artwork should be 1″= 1′. Set up your artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator.

We can produce any size up to 5000 square feet.
The two most common sizes for aerial billboards are:

  • 25′ high x 75′ long aerial billboards
  • 30′ high x 100′ long aerial billboards
  • We also create aerial logo boards which are smaller, 40′ x 40′, 30′ x 40′, 30′ x30′ , etc. A logo board is able to trail an aerial letter banner at no extra charge.

We can produce both custom painted and computer generated aerial billboards (computer generated aerial billboards provide higher definition). We can also incorporate your company logo and custom artwork into your flying aerial billboard.

Our flying billboards soar at 500 feet over the water’s edge for beach aerial advertising and at 1000 feet when over land.

You certainly may. We can create multiple aerial billboards with the same, or a different, aerial message and then ship your custom aerial billboards from market to market all around the country as needed. We can do local, regional and national aerial advertising campaigns.

We can fly your aerial messages across the entire USA. We fly over crowded beaches, rush hour traffic, ballparks, race tracks, festivals, rock concerts, theme parks, parades…just about anywhere, in fact!

In surveys that have been conducted: After 30 minutes 88% of the people remembered seeing the aerial ad go by. In addition, an astonishing 79% of respondents remembered the product or service being advertised and could repeat most of the aerial message! We attribute these figures to the length of time the target is exposed to your message as well as the novelty of the medium. It’s not something they see every day, unlike TV and newspapers.

The average view time for your aerial ad is 17 seconds directly in front of the target. This may not seem very long, but remember most people will watch the plane from the time it appears on the horizon until it disappears from sight. That means they are getting your aerial message about your product for a lot longer, while being entertained by the airplane. In the case of events where the pilot is circling, the exposure is far greater and the retention rate much higher.

When you hear an airplane you instinctively look up. So do your customers. Your aerial message will be seen and, most important, remembered.