Rush Hour Traffic


Would you like to have a captive audience of thousands of potential customers? Consider the impact of aerial advertising during rush hour.

Aerial advertising over rush hour is one of the most cost effective ways to get customers to respond. With aerial advertising, you will reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers at a cost of less than 50 cents per thousand!

Airplane advertising during rush hour traffic will get attention. Put yourself in the place of these potential customers, driving to the office, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic as you slowly crawl along. As you drive, you are overwhelmed by advertising, on the billboards along the highway and through radio commercials. You’ve learned to tune out daily bombardment of your route. Then, over the horizon, comes a aerial banner towing airplane. The World War II plane with the 100 foot long aerial advertising billboard gets your attention, breaks the usual daily commute and makes you smile. When people see an airplane, they subconsciously look up. Not only will those thousands of commuters see your aerial message, but they will remember it long after rush hour is over.

The benefits of aerial advertising during rush hour traffic are clear: it evokes retention of the aerial message with a positive attitude creating word of mouth (“You won’t believe what I saw on the way home!”), and prospects perform your desired response (visiting your website, going to your opening, buying your product, etc.)

Rush hour advertising guarantees maximum exposure.

Your company will benefit from aerial advertising during rush hour traffic. The trick is to find the right traffic route where bumper to bumper keeps your audience in place long enough to appreciate your banner before slowly moving on to make way for the next wave of potential customers. Of course every major market has a few areas that meet those exact needs. We will do whatever it takes to make your aerial advertising campaign a fun and successful one. Our company will be with your from the initial design of your flying aerial billboards to the final touchdown of our aerial advertising plane.

We can custom design aerial banners for your company and its rush hour aerial advertising campaign. We can add your company logo or custom artwork to create your own colorful airplane aerial banners to really catch the attention of all the bored and frustrated commuters. Once your’re flying aerial billboard is created, we work with you to determine the best days and times for your aerial advertising campaign.

We know our markets, both local and national. We know where the rush hour traffic will be and when it will be there. Our expertise allows us to choose the perfect moments for aerial advertising during rush hour. You will get maximum exposure of your aerial message for a very reasonable investment.

If you’ve never considered aerial advertising during rush hour traffic, give it a try now. Contact us and let us design your aerial advertising campaign today. You will be very glad that you did.