• - Mark Speer, VP,Director of Advertising and Promotion -
    Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
    New York, NY

    Arnold Aerial Advertising is our one-stop shop for aerial advertising needs. From advice on where to fly aerial message and what type of aerial banner worked best for our aerial advertising campaign to arranging our final ‘flight’ their team provided great support. Production costs for aerial advertising were reasonable and we were delighted with the results of aerial messages. Happy to recommend their aerial advertising services.

  • - Amanda Good,Marketing Manager -
    Capitol Records Nashville
    Nashville, TN

    This is the third year that we have used Arnold Aerial Advertising for our Spring Break event and it is always one of the most unique advertising mediums that we use. Their timely and professional work ethic make Michael Arnold and his team a great partner to work with.

  • - Albert Poland,GM -
    The Boy From Oz
    New York, NY

    The very first ad we took for Hugh Jackman in The Boy From Oz was not a half page in the Times, it was a spectacular Arnold Aerial banner for the 4th of July on Coney Island.

  • - LeeAnn Jacobs,Marketing Director -
    Steven Singer Jewelers
    Philadelphia, PA

    What can we say, but wow. Arnold Aerial was the absolute perfect fit for our brand, and our unique campaign. Over the years, each campaign we flew with them was a success! When spending our advertising dollars, we don’t accept anything less than fantastic, and Arnold Aerial delivered. They are an absolute pleasure to work with, and truly understand the advertising medium they specialize in. If you’re going to go airborne, you must use Arnold Aerial!

  • - Danny Dwyer,Promotions Director -
    Alpha Broadcasting, 98.7 KUPL
    Portland, OR

    Arnold Aerial Advertising is our only shop for aerial advertising needs. They have helped us with some of the largest rodeos & outdoor concert venues in Oregon and Washington and have has always come through for us for our events with aerial messaging. They recently produced and flew an aerial banner for us with only a few days’ notice. The aerial banner was a huge hit. And working with their team is phenomenal. Thanks, Arnold Aerial Advertising!

  • - Sarah Robino -
    Peligroso Spirits
    San Clemente, CA. 92672

    Arnold Aerial Advertising has been nothing but a pleasure to work with! Our first time flying was with them and they went above and beyond what could have been expected and now we would never use anyone but them. This style of advertising was just what our company needed when we launched – it was the best way to reach a huge number of people.

  • - Reece Nanifito,Sr. Director of Marketing -
    Omaha, NE

    The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) decided to use aerial advertising to cut through the ‘ground clutter’ of logos at major auto races. Having an aerial banner in the sky attracted all attention to the aerial message, allowing us to promote our ethanol fuel use on track and direct people to our fuel retail partners. Selecting aerial advertising was the perfect fit to our challenge of rising above all the other messages on track. Arnold Aerial Advertising was great to work with, developing a beautiful aerial banner and working through all the logistics for us.

  • - Pauline van Niekerken,Communication Manager -
    Fokker Services
    Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

    Thank you very much for making our event very successful!!Our customers were really surprised to see the banner. We had a wonderful evening. Next time ……. when we will have a need for Great Exposure again………. I will call you, no doubt!!

  • - Mike Doyle,Director of Marketing & Advertising -
    Floor and Decor Outlets

    I’ve been in advertising for 18 years and very rarely do I come across a medium that reaches millions of people for hundreds of dollars. Arnold Aerial Advertising is such a medium. If you have a store near a beach, give Michael Arnold a call.

  • - Todd Grodzki,Senior Marketing Events Coordinator -
    Yamaha Motor Corporation
    Kennesaw, GA

    Arnold Aerial Advertising has always come through for us for our events with aerial messaging. They recently produced and flew an aerial banner for us with only a few days’ notice. The aerial banner was a huge hit. Thanks Arnold Aerial Advertising!

  • - Tina Kelly,Georgia State University -
    Assistant Director of Athletics for Marketing
    Atlanta, GA

    We are very pleased with the services that Arnold Aerial has provided us for the past two years. Their aerial advertising has giving us the visibility we’ve needed to promote Georgia State Athletics. Thanks!

  • - Erica Kraus -
    Fenn Communications Group
    Washington, DC

    Arnold Aerial Advertising has been instrumental in helping us implement aerial advertising campaigns when traditional advertising either can’t or won’t cut it. Their aerial service and responsiveness is superb.

  • - Kevin Mahoney,Director of Production Services -
    SMP Communications
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Arnold Aerial Advertising has given our clients a unique and highly visible way to aerial advertise and be noticed, especially during high profile events. Michael and his team have always delivered and are a pleasure to work with.

  • - Gary Hahn,Senior Vice President -
    XM Radio
    Scottsdale, AZ

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Arnold Aerial Advertising to aerial advertise at a number of high-profile live concerts, sporting events and trade shows for XM Satellite Radio. It has been a tremendous way to make a big impact with our brand and to reach our most important target audiences with aerial advertising — music lovers and sports fans, Michael Arnold and his team are a pleasure to work with in aerial advertising and get the job done extremely well every time.

  • - Tim -
    SideoneDummy Records
    Los Angeles,CA

    KICK ASS!! Everyone from SideOneDummy saw the banner yesterday. It looked great. My bosses were happy, the band was happy, everyone was happy. A great day all around for us and all of our band`s that played. Thanks’ for all your help. You have done a great job. We appreciate it.

  • - Mike Young,Mike Young Motors -
    Chevrolet – Chrysler – Dodge – Jeep
    Winnie, TX

    Working with you has been our first experience in aerial advertising and it has been a good one. Our car sales are way up and you have played a big part in this success with aerial advertising. In addition, your service has been exceptional. I remember last Saturday when Randy called you and asked if your plane (which was already in the air) could change routes for a specific purpose, and you did it! I think the best proof of how Mike Young Motors feels about Arnold Aerial Advertising’s part in our success is that we continue to fly aerial messages with you on a regular basis.

  • - Chris -
    Marriage Proposal

    Mike, thank you again… could not have gone any better, everything went perfectly and it was a moment that will never be forgotten. When that plane came into sight of our balcony right on the mark, with that banner that was absolutely perfect – when she saw it and realized what her eyes were seeing .I can’t tell you how cool that was……she absolutely loved it. And so did I. I gotta admit that was awesome!! Please also thank the pilot for a superb job, right on the stroke of 1100 and flew perfect circles right in front of our room.

  • - Erin -
    Marriage Proposal
    Newport Jazz Festival

    This is Erin (the girlfriend, and now fiance).I absolutely LOVED the whole thing. It worked out perfectly and I was totally surprised. And it just so happened that the host was on stage at the time the plane arrived and he noticed the message and announced it on the microphone. I had 50,000 people clapping for me. Thanks so much for contributing to the most wonderful day of my life. It was fantastic!

  • - John Harrison -
    Marriage Proposal
    Los Angeles

    Everything went perfect this weekend! My now fiancé was very surprised and impressed… You guys are great. I’d recommend you to anyone!

  • - Louis Palmieri -
    Marriage Proposal

    I just want to personally thank you for a job well done!The fly-bye for my engagement went as planed like clock work and yes she did she yes! Thanks to you and your pilots. The pilot made many fly-bye’s and even did a slight tip of the wing to say “your welcome” to us. That was well worth the money! Thank you again.

  • - Christine Evans -

    Working with Arnold Aerial was the best way to get the word out, to help find my son’s killer(s). They are so pleasant to work with and, really took it personal. It’s nice to know, there are still people out there who run their business, “Like everyone is family!” I would always recommend them to anyone who wants a pleasant experience, and the best way to get the word out….regardless, of the situation.

  • - Kathy Gornik -

    I am pleased to be able to recommend you and your company. I knew nothing at all about aerial advertising and had an unexpected deadline looming for a special project that was important to me. You made everything easy to understand. Every problem had a workable answer. You returned every phone call and e-mail promptly, including leaving voice mails with the information I needed. You went beyond what I realistically could have expected. I really couldn’t have been happier with how everything transpired for this transaction. Thanks again, Michael!


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