Sporting Events


Sporting Events and Aerial Advertising are an Excellent Combination!

There are many different venues which can be considered for aerial advertising. Sporting events are some of the best because they are always certain to draw a large crowd to your aerial advertising. As a result, aerial advertising at sporting events provide an excellent supplement or even alternative to traditional forms of advertising, such as print media or televised advertising, at a lower price.

NFL and NCAA games typically provide the largest audiences for aerial advertising. On average, you can expect a weekly attendance of nearly 70,000 people at an NFL game and up to 110,000 at a NCAA football game to your aerial advertising.

NASCAR events are another great venue to consider for aerial advertising. One of the reasons that NASCAR events provide so much aerial advertising opportunity is due to the multiple races that are frequently held during one week. In one given day, the attendance for such an event can be well over 30,000 for your aerial advertising. At larger events, daily attendance can swell to 130,000 people for your aerial advertising.

Major league soccer is also growing in popularity as the number of professional soccer teams expands and is suitable for aerial message. The average attendance of a MLS game can reach up to 20,000 people per game and that number is constantly growing. It is estimated that the attendance for major league soccer games grows by 25% each year and is suitable for aerial advertising. Although relatively new, this market is rapidly growing, making now the perfect time to take advantage of the benefits offered by aerial advertising at major league soccer events.

Horse racing events are yet another option to consider for aerial advertising. Each year large and quite diverse crowds gather at horse racing events held throughout the country and suiatble for aerial advertising. Also aerial advertising is perfect at events such as the Kentucky Derby, attendance can reach nearly 140,000. These events are the perfect venue for utilizing aerial advertising as a cost effective technique for getting the word out about your business.

In addition to these venues, there are also many other sporting events which can be used for aerial advertising, including local high school sporting events which typically draw large numbers of potential consumers from your local area to your aerial message. Regardless of the size of the event, aerial advertising is an excellent method for getting your message noticed.