Letter Banners


Are you that last great romantic looking for the perfect way to propose to your girlfriend?

Maybe you’re looking for a perfect gift for the person who has everything. Or maybe you are just looking for the perfect way to advertise your business.

Whatever the situation, you can’t beat aerial letter banners for impact and originality. What could be cooler than an aerial banner wishing your parents a happy birthday from an airplane? A banner towing airplane will certainly get their attention, and, unlike other gifts, you can be sure they don’t already have one. Aerial letter banners can be created for any occasion. Anything from a simple “Happy Birthday” to “I’m Sorry Honey, Please Forgive Me” or the standard “Will You Marry Me?” can be created and transformed into stunning letter banners. If you want to make a lasting impression, use an aerial letter banner; trust me, everyone who sees it will remember…especially that special someone.

Either personal or business-related, your aerial banner message will get through.

Imagine the impact aerial advertising can have on your business’ bottom line as well. Aerial advertising commands attention from a audience. Your potential customers are already flooded with advertising messages; ad campaigns are everywhere, from television and radio to the internet. With this information overload, it is harder and harder for messages to get through.

With aerial advertising, however, there is no channel to turn, no annoying banner ad to click away. There’s just the awe and beauty of seeing a soaring airplane carrying your aerial letter banners. Airplane advertising gets noticed. Nearly 88% of respondents surveyed remembered seeing a airplane aerial banner, and about 79% remembered the product that was advertised. This kind of message retention is simply unparalleled in the world of advertising.

Whether your message is all business or simply personal, there is nothing like an aerial letter banner to get your message across. You may have thought you could never afford to use an airplane for your advertising, but you are most likely overestimating the cost. Chances are you will find airplane aerial advertising more affordable than you had imagined.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this eye catching, high impact method of presenting messages. Whether you are advertising to the entire world, or just to your bride to be, aerial advertising is a great way to say just about anything.