Political Campaigns


The Political Advantage

The interruptive factor:

Almost everyone looks up when a plane with a message flies over… and there’s NO MUTE BUTTON!

Whether you are looking to reach a small community or a string of battleground states, aerial advertising affords you the opportunity to reach voters at just the right time, and in just the right place while assuring that you stand ahead of your competition.


Compared to other media aerial banner flying is the most reasonable. As an example, for the cost of 3 spots on a top NY City radio station you could fly the entire Long Island and New Jersey beach run and reach over 2 million people!

Banner cost:

Most politicians use letter banners for which there is no production cost.

Turnaround time: 2-3 days. In fact, if an “opponent” says something today that you would like to address, we can have a banner flying over heavy traffic roads during drive time tomorrow morning.


Just ask Ron Paul who used blimp advertising during his 2008 presidential nomination campaign and called it the most effective advertising he did. In fact, he even called it “historic”.

Arnold Aerial Advertising:

  • We fly every market in the nation.
  • Every beach, highway, event (including opponents rallies), and tailgaters at football games.
  • We provide make good days in the event of bad weather.

We can make the difference in a campaign!

One Quick call can get you up and flying: 800-311- 9130