Night Flights Advertising

After dark, the sky is lit up with a grid of lights mounted beneath the wings of an aircraft.

Night Flights Advertising – while most banner-towing airplanes have to be grounded by sunset, there is a stunning alternative.
Specially equipped planes with light grid mantles under the wings can brighten the dark sky with your name and message spelled out in lights. Since they are computer-controlled, they can even play short animations!
The message is visible on an 8 foot by 36-foot grid, containing 252 lights. And while messages can vary in length, they will remain readable and effective when kept within 70 characters.

While not as colorful as daytime banners, night flights advertising, are having a few advantages to night flying over standard aerial advertising. First, there is no printing overhead since the message is all digital. Second, you can display more than one message as the plane continues its flight.

We have night planes all over the country and in every major market from San Francisco to Albuquerque and all the way east to Fort Lauderdale and New York.
Because of the uniqueness of this advertising medium, the aircraft draws significant attention when flying overhead, resulting in the maximum exposure for your advertisement.

Driven Flying Aerial Night Signs impeccably target promoting openings that happen whenever a 30 minutes after nightfall.
Your LED Flying Night sign will look underneath a 36′ to 45′ wingspan of a plane.
It can fly anyplace while focusing on and promoting straightforwardly over your site and dynamic night swarm.
There are just 6 of these airplanes in the US and growing.
Promote your site, show, night club, radio broadcast, game, pontoon race, or utilize an individual message for a proposition to be eye-catching, Happy Birthday declaration, political race, or schoolwork.
Driven Digital Night Flying Advertising directions consideration, activity, and great review. It’s accessible to fly whenever 30 minutes after nightfall. Driven Night sign can go anyplace and can give restrictiveness in any market. Your crowd will watch and video this interesting type of promoting. Watch for it to show up on an assortment of web-based life stages, for example, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.