Logo Boards


Guide to Using Logo Boards for Aerial Advertising

Brand awareness and logo board aerial advertising is one of the most important ways of building your business and effectively marketing it. The process of building effective brand awareness involves showing your company logo and special offer, sale, or grand opening event to as many of your target audience as possible.

Aerial logo boards are much larger than traditional letter banners and have your company logo displayed in full color. This gives you the chance to show photos or custom graphics in your aerial advertising. And, while people won’t always remember your offer, they will remember your logo, which creates brand awareness.

Cost of Aerial Logo Billboards

While many business owners might believe that the process of designing and utilizing flying aerial logo billboards would be out of their budget, the truth of the matter is that aerial advertising can be quite cost effective. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to advertise services and products. The use of logo boards through aerial advertising provides you with the opportunity to advertise your brand to literally hundreds of thousands of prospective customers.

Where to Use Logo Billboards

The choice of where to use aerial logo advertising is completely up to you. You have the option of aerial advertising on a coast to coast basis or you can focus on creating brand awareness right within your local market.

Aerial Logo Ad Design

A custom aerial advertising campaign can be designed which will include your business logo and artwork to produce an attention-getting aerial billboard that will be towed behind our plane to create the most impact.

Regardless of whether your business is established or you are new to the industry, your company will be able to benefit from aerial logo advertising. Imagine the benefits that could be gained by having your company’s logo flying high above rush hour traffic or a football game, towing a banner that announces your grand opening or a new product and making 100,000,000 impressions at the same time. You can also create an aerial logo board with a trailing letter banner announcing specific dates, times and places.

No matter what it is that you want to communicate to your target audience, you can rest assured that your logo will most certainly be seen by those on the ground and your aerial message will be effectively communicated.